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In Blacktone Studio we live by and for the sound. From the world of cinema to music through television, theater, videogames and virtual reality, Blacktone offers the best in each field so that your sound project stands out in your audiovisual production.


The world of sound as well as technology in general is constantly advancing. We know it and we are at the forefront in innovation, development and equipment. Not only in the technical side, creatively we never stop looking for the best solution to the current problems in all audiovisual products.

Our Studio

Dedicated 100% to this industry for more than fifteen years, Blacktone Studio is the result of the passion end the love we have for sound. If you are looking for someone who loves sound, here we are.

"In sound design, learning technology is important, but learning how to use your ears is the key."

— Randy Thom


Always with the highest quality

The beginning of everything. The recording. Here begins the magic of our projects.

Many times we hear that fateful sentence of "we will fix it in postproduction". We prefer to fix it in preproduction. Hence our commitment to check the locations, condition them if necessary and raise awareness of the importance of field recording.

In addition to the dialogues and the interpretation made during the filming, we recreate and record a multitude of sounds and environments that, depending on the story, would be very difficult and expensive to reproduce in postproduction.

We give sound form to your project according to your needs, advising and analyzing every aspect related to the sound narrative and the cinematographic language used.

On the technical side we design, edit, restore, record foley, voiceover, etc. The sound mix in 5.1, 7.1, immersive... is the pinnacle of the process. Everything you need to bring the sound design to its excellence.

Virtual Reality (VR) is not only the future, it is the present. We create and develop the soundtrack of your virtual experience, making it totally immersive. The latest sound technology for the near future is already in our hands.

We are the first studio nationwide to create complete soundtracks for Virtual Reality. 3D mixes by objects for your VR projects, with total integration in your 360 world. Post-production of classical audio, taken to another level. Do not hesitate to try this new technology!

“Mixing is figuring out what is essential to the moment and subordinating everything else” — Randy Thom


Discover our instalations

"Ben Burtt" Room

The post-production studio Ben Burtt is designed for classic immersive mixes such as advanced virtual reality systems. It is equipped with a Pro Tools HD12 system for cinema and TV mix in 5.1. We have a FullHD projection on screen of more than 100". We also have all the necessary equipment to record VO or sound effects of the recording room.

We have an Oculus Rift DK2 system to develop the viewings of our virtual reality projects. Move in the virtual world and let the sound envelop you.


Recording Room

we have an 18m2 recording room prepared with diverse and varied surfaces for recording footsteps and an enormous amount of sound material for the creation of effects of all kinds (clothing, metal, glass, plastic, wood, electronics) …etc)

With visual contact to two control rooms, it is equipped to record voiceovers, ADR and foley effects.

"Walter Murch" Room

The Walter Murch studio is designed for editing and mixing multichannel audio for TV. It is equipped with a ProTools HD12 system and the first line analog and digital material to make the necessary recordings in our recording room.

Field recording

For the realization of location sound and recording of environments and sound effects outside of our studio, we have several autonomous sound equipment from the leading brands in the market, which allows us to be in more than two projects the time and offer optimal results for production.

To carry it out we have the best and most varied microphone techniques and a library of own sounds of more than 4Tb.


Mind, and also creatives.


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