The Door





Lola Rùi studied Acting at Jorge Eines Art Studio in Madrid and the Susan Batson Studio in New York City. She has been creating art in every form since the age of 5. She trained in ballet at the Margot Fontaine Royal Academy in Madrid and performed “Alice in Wonderland” in The Alcalá Palace Theater at the age of 7. She moved her Artistic Spirit to paint. Her work as a painter continues which has inspired her to extend her artistic expression to creating stories. She wrote her first play “De mente” which won the Prize to be represented at Microteatro in Spain. Her One Woman Show that she wrote and starred in “Mary Magdalene” opened at The Historical 13th Street Theater in New York City. She recently finished two films in New York “El Barrio” and “Judgment Before Judgment”, directed by James Augustus Lee. She is very excited to present the short film “The Door” her first work as a director.